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James GrayBarrister & Solicitor

James Gray owns and operates Just Law. He has been a barrister and solicitor specialising in building & construction disputes for over 20 years. Experience counts in this part of the building industry, like in most businesses.

James does all his own advocacy except on appeals and this means you usually don’t have to pay for 2 lawyers to represent you at court and VCAT, just one lawyer. This also means you don’t have to explain everything numerous times to different lawyers.

Also: you wont get 2 lawyers blaming each other for any mistakes: the buck stops with James Gray. We promise: no apprentices will work on your case!

James has an excellent track record of success in many jurisdictions against large firms and small firms, junior barristers and QCs.

Phone him on 0434 110 794 or email him on

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Usually in the first consultation we can give you an idea of whether your case is worth pursuing. Once you have then sent us relevant documents we can give you an estimate of our fees to run your case. Often in building & construction cases the more relevant documents involved the more the overall cost because the issues can get more complicated.