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  • Construction Disputes: How to Avoid Going to Court

    Just Law will protect your interests during the planning stage and contract negotiations, it is also important to take the necessary measures when it comes to site preparation. Just Law always recommends that every party involved is aware of all the p.....

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  • How to Avoid Construction Disputes Before They Happen

    Just Law has dealt with just about every type of building dispute there is, and from every perspective. From homeowners, to building companies, subcontractors and obviously other legal firms. Just Law knows that generally, most building disputes can be..

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  • Resolving Building Disputes – Building Dispute Lawyers Melbourne

    When you build or renovate, things may not always go to plan. You can take steps to help resolve disputes with your builder or tradesperson. Aim to develop and maintain positive communication with

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  • Do You Have Disputes on Defects & Delays? Building Defects & Construction Delays

    If a dispute arises between you and your builder, take the following steps to resolve it. Note: If you are a builder, please view our Resolving building disputes page.

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  • Resolving Building Disputes – Building Complaints Melbourne

    If you are a homeowner, or a commercial building owner, and are having a dispute with someone who has done building work on your property or created building plans for your property, you can get help to resolve it.

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