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Resolving Building Disputes

Just Law has been in the business of resolving building disputes for over 20 years. Unfortunately, building and construction disputes can be complicated, time consuming and expensive, and sometimes even end up before mediation or even a tribunal or court hearing. In other words, you need an expert or specialised type of lawyer to help you with your building dispute, especially when it comes to debt recovery or defect claims, in order to resolve the issue with as less stress as possible.

That’s exactly what you will find here at Just Law

Whether you’re a builder, a construction company, or a homeowner, Just Law covers a wide range of building disputes including domestic legal disputes council prosecutions, and commercial construction disputes. Unfortunately, one of the biggest and most stressful issues when it comes to resolving conflict is when the matter of debt collection is on the table. With that being said, building and construction debt collection is one of the more complicated areas of recovery, as the legal framework around this type of debt collection is in a lane of its own. It can be a tough journey to face, but luckily, Just Law is a legal firm that can help you with your building and construction debt. In fact, very few debt collection firms even attempt to recover debts relating to building disputes, however at Just Law, with our network of industry specialists and governing authorities, has one of the best records in the business when it comes to recovering building construction debt.
When it comes to defects, the nature and type of defect can significantly vary, as can the time in which they become obvious. At one end of the spectrum, minor defects can easily be corrected before the building is handed over, while at the other, significant defects may occur long after the original work has been completed. Rest assured, Just Law can handle any type of defects claim, so if you’re in a position where you need expert legal advice in the areas of debt collection or defect claims, then feel free to contact Just Law today.
If the case goes to hearing Just Law will co-ordinate and instruct all necessary experts who we choose for their experience and expertise and high quality analysis and evidence. James Gray does all his own advocacy, so you don’t have to pay 2 lawyers at a hearing!