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Magistrates Court Hearings Melbourne – Building Dispute Court

Outside or Objective Voice

At Just Law, we know that building disputes, whether they are residential or commercial construction disputes, can often spiral out of control. Even when the parties involved enter the mediation process, a result or positive outcome can sometimes be an elusive one. Perhaps the dispute is just too far beyond an outside or objective voice, and as such, requires either a tribunal or official court hearing.

Luckily, Just Law is an experienced and highly specialised law firm when it comes to Magistrate Court hearings, and will ease any concerns relating to your building dispute.

The Magistrates court deals with most legal disputes in Victoria, with nearly 90% of all cases being heard in this type of court. Unfortunately, a large number of building disputes often end up in the magistrate’s court, as the consequences of working through all the building dispute litigation can often force people to turn to the highest form of resolution. While some courts have more power than others, they all fall under the court hierarchy. The Magistrates’ Court sits at the bottom of this established legal hierarchy, followed by the County Court, and then the Supreme Court.
At Just Law, we will assist you in whichever way your building dispute evolves, as a general rule of a thumb is that if a party does not agree with the decision that a particular court makes (in this case, it would be the Magistrates), the process of appeal is something in which they can turn to in order to have their case potentially heard in higher court. Like most hierarchies, the legal ramifications and official decisions made by judges in the higher courtrooms, have to be followed by all the courts below them. Just Law know the idea of going to court can be scary, but if your building dispute is looking like it will head to court, or you are unsure about potential tribunal or court appearances, then Just Law is a name you can trust to handle all of your legal matters moving forward.
If the case goes to hearing Just Law will co-ordinate and instruct all necessary experts who we choose for their experience and expertise and high quality analysis and evidence. James Gray does all his own advocacy, so you don’t have to pay 2 lawyers at a hearing!