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Over 20 Years

Just Law has over 20 years experience when dealing with domestic building disputes and even council prosecutions, but perhaps the most prevalent issue in the building and construction world today is the stressful and often avoidable occurrence of sub-contractor disputes.
Just Law will always emphasis that you get everything in writing, as vigilant documentation is critical when faced with the proposition of resolving a variety of commercial construction disputes. Just Law has seen this time and time again in the construction industry, in which a dispute arises from undocumented change orders. What this means is that a client requests a change or changes from the original agreement before the work actually is carried out, but isn’t documented or officially recorded, something of course, that would otherwise create a binding legal document. This can cause all sorts of problems, and unfortunately, often result in mediation or even a tribunal or court hearing. As well communication issues and shifting prices and time frames, when it comes to building plans, project specifications, or the scope of the work itself, conflict can easily arise.
Building contracts can sometimes be poorly written, resulting in a significant subcontractor dispute. In most cases, no one is really at fault, but because some subcontractors and building companies are trying to be as efficient as possible, important things are either overlooked or not clearly detailed. Just Law knows that a building contract should be concise, clearly written, and constructed in a way that doesn’t leave room for misunderstanding. The list of why a subcontractor dispute can arise can easily extend beyond these key issues, and include anything from disputes with construction defects, subcontractor substitution, or even changes in site conditions, but again, the message is the same. Just Law can’t stress the importance of proper documentation when it comes to subcontractor disputes, or any part of the building process for that matter, in order to ensure a positive, cost-effective process from start to finish. If you require a legal firm to fight for you, Just Law is a name to remember.
If the case goes to hearing Just Law will co-ordinate and instruct all necessary experts who we choose for their experience and expertise and high quality analysis and evidence. James Gray does all his own advocacy, so you don’t have to pay 2 lawyers at a hearing!