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Ins and Outs building contracts

Just Law deal with every aspect of building dispute litigation, as well as the ins and outs building contracts. Whether it is a domestic building dispute or a commercial construction dispute, Just Law have been in the game for over 20 years and as such, have helped countless builders, corporations, and homeowners resolve their building disputes.
With that being said, there is another area of potential conflict and communication breakdown during the building process that we must always be aware of. And that is tribunal and Court attendances. Often, after the mediation process breaks down or fails to resolve the issue, the next step is often tribunal and court dates. Where possible, avoiding such a final step is always advisable, but sometimes, the building dispute is beyond repair, and the need for a higher authority is required. Below is a list of reasons why one might find themselves in a tribunal or court hearing

Escalating building disputes between owners, builders, developers, contractors and tradespeople

  • Non-payment issues
  • Disputes regarding any significant delays in the commencement, progress, or completion of building works
  • Claims regarding price increases and variations to building contracts
  • Commercial arbitrations
  • Representations for statutory building offences
  • Breach of copyright issues
As you can see, a lot can eventuate between two agreeing parties, so if you happen to find yourself in the middle of troubling building dispute that is unlikely to be easily resolved, Just Law not only offer the best legal advice, but will also represent you should the need for a tribunal or court date arise.
If the case goes to hearing Just Law will co-ordinate and instruct all necessary experts who we choose for their experience and expertise and high quality analysis and evidence. James Gray does all his own advocacy, so you don’t have to pay 2 lawyers at a hearing!